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What First-Time Homebuyers Want Here & Now...

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

First-time homebuyers have different priorities, wants, hopes and dreams in this current age of real estate. While generations of past believed in owning a home was a true sign of status and success, the younger generations of today are taking longer and thinking harder about purchasing their first home. Working professionals have more debt and student loans to manage, which means they may not necessarily be ready to commit to another large source of debt right away. Smaller homes and condos appeal to younger couples and professionals, because while it is a significant achievement to own your own place, these individuals also want to be able to enjoy their everyday lives. Traveling, spending time outdoors, and being with friends and family are priorities now versus being bogged down by a large mortgage payment. The key is to find that happy medium between feeling comfortable with a mortgage payment similar to a rental payment, but where you are instead investing in yourself and your future. With access to technology and knowledgable real estate professionals, first-time homebuyers have more options than ever before. Trust an agent who understands all of these factors and you WILL close on your perfect first home in no time. I am here to help put you on the right path and make your dream of homeownership a reality.

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