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Belmar... Why Home Values Continue to Increase

Updated: Jun 27, 2018

Belmar is a beautiful town in Monmouth County which has grown to become one of the most popular beaches in all of New Jersey. Belmar has seen a tremendous increase in tourism and year-round entertainment for those of all ages. If you take a drive through the avenues between Main Street and Ocean Avenue, new custom construction homes can be seen on every street. Belmar has transitioned from simply a summer vacation hot spot to a year-round residential community. I have heard that local builders insist on buying anything and everything on the east side of Main Street, whether it be a bungalow or a multi-family house. Investing in this area within walking distance to the beach could possibly show incredible returns on your investment in the future. People want to live by the beach, but there is simply less available property to build on. With the demand for beach living being so high, but the supply of homes and land being so low, home values will increase dramatically. Three new condominium communities are also currently being constructed in Belmar, which will ultimately lead to an increase in value for other condo units in town. Now is the time to buy and become a homeowner or investor in this shore town along the Atlantic Ocean. Contact me if you are interested in buying or selling at the Jersey Shore.

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