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Spring Lake June 2020 Market Review

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

My analysis of the Spring Lake market for June 2020 indicated that home sales began to show signs of returning to normal, with an increase in activity unlike the previous months. Sixteen homes sold in June compared to only three that sold in May.

The number of days on the market increased from 68 to 110 days. This was significantly longer than last June when the average number of days on the market was only 30. The number of homes for sale remained fixed at 50 active listings with 14 new listings, similar to May’s statistics.

The average list price last month rose again above three million dollars at $3,292,231.00 while the average sale price dramatically increased from $718.333 to $2,011,344.00.

As of today, there are 50 homes for sale and 28 homes are under contract. The luxury homes pending sale specific to Spring Lake Borough are all listed above one million dollars.

It should be noted that this Spring Lake market analysis also includes Spring Lake Heights.

This information was obtained through MORR Flex MLS and according to their service, it is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed.

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