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Boost in NJ tourism means Time to Invest Now

Updated: May 29, 2019

For as long as we can remember, New Jersey has provided endless options for entertainment, fine dining, nightclub dancing, fun, sun and so much more. Tourism for the state hit new heights in 2018, and Governor Phil Murphy has said that he believes it will be even better in 2019. The legalization of sports betting has helped create new jobs, generate economic growth and provide an important boost to the state. Developers and investors anticipate that business and real estate development will continue to grow over the next several years. The potential impact of these predictions and expectations for a thriving market could not be more promising.

With this type of progress comes new opportunities. The Jersey Shore is an area buzzing with potential to invest in real estate. As reports continue to come out that tourism is flourishing, the towns along the shore continue to show steady growth. Often times, areas that were in a decline in the past can shift and show improvement based on various enhancements to the local neighborhood. This could be anything from trendy restaurants or concert venues to upgraded boardwalks or new luxury residential buildings. If you can see the potential in certain areas, a timely investment can lead to significant returns. A few notable examples of booming regions across New Jersey are cities like Asbury Park, Jersey City and Hoboken. If you purchased in these cities five to ten years ago, your property most likely doubled in value.

If you are interested in investing in the right area that will bring you the best value long-term, contact me. I am here to help you take the first step towards your real estate investment goals.

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